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Contact with us for any order and reservation.

Marmora Road, Glasgow, D04 89GR.

• Business hours:
Monday 12.00p.m.-12.00a.m.
Tuesday 12.00p.m.-12.30a.m.
Wednesday 12.00p.m.-12.30a.m.
Thursday 12.00p.m.-12.30a.m.
Friday 12.00p.m.-1.00a.m.
Saturday 12.00p.m.-1.00a.m.
Sunday 12.00p.m.-12.00a.m.
• Reservations are suggested, particularly before and after theatre. We accept them up to seven days in advance by phone or in person OR if you need a reservation further in advance than seven days we can take it online at this website-click the reservations button above for more details
• We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express
• The specials menu is updated daily -click the menus button above for more details
• We have four separate dining rooms and two full-service bars. We are ideal for private parties of all types and sizes.
• The BEST time to come for a relaxing meal is 8.00p.m., when everyone is at the theatre.
• Angus McIndoe restaurant is on three levels and YES WE DO HAVE AN ELEVATOR.
• Gift certificates are available in any dollar amount-call us directly for details.
• We keep an up-to-date list of all Broadway shows and their start/running times. Let us know if you are seeing a show so that we can advise you of the best time to make your reservation.