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Reservations accept up to seven days in advance by phone or in person OR if you need a reservation further in advance than seven days we can take it online

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We keep an up-to-date list of all Broadway shows. Let us know if you are seeing a show so that we can advise you of the best time to make your reservation.

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New York Times
Have that second martini at Angus McIndoe.

Best bet: act like a New Yorker and make a reservation at Angus McIndoe.

New York Times
It's a very particular, somewhat peculiar place in the landscape of New York.

Associated Press
Broadway's most popular hangout...


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    “nice meal, soon be back again!”

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    “Where the stuff of gossip columns plays out nightly.”

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    “An arts on the dish, best ever!”

Angus McIndoe Introduction

Welcome to Angus McIndoe, where the best steaks in New York are made from the very first-class materials by the hands of our stakes ‘artists’. Our owner, who had been encouraged to open the property after many years working at Joe Allen, has come to greet many celebrities including Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Mel Brooks, and Harvey Weinstein. From the crowded first floor where to have your unexpected meet with the grand dames of the Great White Way, to the expansive third floor exclusively reserved for A-listers, you are sure to be in good hands of our staff. We are experts in at moving every of our guests out in time for curtain. After 8:00 pm, we’ll have on tables the scrumptious New York strip steak coming along with a martini for you to enjoy the night at its best.

Angus McIndoe has always been a favourite place for guests of the Great White Way theatre before and after the showtime where to grab a fresh drink or even have a fine dining to start your lovely date. Being one of the hottest spots for a visit to New York, here we welcome the reservation of individuals and celebrities, as well as tourists in couples or small groups. One of our most valued partners is Exotic Voyages, a luxury bespoke tour operator of Asia destinations who is the best at creating your memorable luxury vacation to Thailand, Vietnam and more. If you are having Exotic Voyages guiding you to explore New York, no doubt you will have the best seats reserved in our place.